Some resolutions

I just got back from a week at Lake Tahoe and I made some decisions about my life. This year, I want to:
-Be more assertive. This is big for me because I tend to be very quiet and I don’t stand up for myself and then I find myself being talked over or interrupted or not noticed and I just put up with it until suddenly I just explode and yell and cause a huge scene and if I had just bothered to be more assertive, it wouldn’t have happened.
-Try new things that are out of my comfort zone, such as snow skiing, kayaking, rock climbing (which I’ve done before but am very bad at and always get scared and then give up), and I’d like to run a race. So I’ve decided that my first ever race should be the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas in 16.5 weeks. Totally do-able.
-Compete in a race (see above). I’d also like to start training for a triathalon.
-Stop eating fast food. I love cooking and I’m a great cook, so I’m not quite sure why I eat so much crap. I should stop this.

So that’s about it. Husband is going to be underway a lot starting in October, so I figure, why not DO stuff? It will keep me busy, so I won’t be so miserable missing him constantly, and all these things will make me a healthier, more fit person, so I don’t actually see a down-side to this plan. Check back in a month or so, though. I’m sure I will find one. What do you think? Is any or all of this doable? Any words of advice or encouragement?


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