My husband left yesterday for a several month underway.  Yesterday was spent doing the ‘required’ (apparently) moping/retail therapy/eating crap food.  Almost.  I dropped Husband off at work at 6:30 and headed over to the dog park with Ginger for her morning run.  While we were there, I started talking to this lady who was there with her two dogs.  I asked her if she was a runner, because I’m trying to start running but I have zero motivation, so I was going to maybe ask about running clubs in the area or whatnot.  Well, as it turns out, she is recovering from an injury and hasn’t been running in a little while but was really excited that I asked her about running because she needs motivation to start running again and is having trouble getting it.  We exchanged numbers and left with our dogs.  I went home, moped about the (gloomy) weather and my (gloomy) mood for a while, and contemplated a day of sweats, naps, cheesy movies, and pizza.  I ended up going down to the exchange at 32nd St with a friend, eating lunch and doing some retail therapy.  Then I got my hair cut, complete with some uber-cute new bangs, and just after I walked in the door, my new friend called and asked if I wanted to go running.  So I did.

The run was not very full of consistent running, but it was a pretty good workout and I pushed myself pretty hard.  I thought that I was going to be super sore today, but I was feeling pretty good.  After Ginger and I got back from the park this morning, I went to the gym and biked for 20 minutes both in preparation for the bike that I’d like to buy shortly and also to keep myself loose for my run tomorrow.  I don’t know what happened between yesterday and today, but I got so much crap done today.  I’m never this motivated.  I dropped Ginger off at the groomers (sand/dirt/grass dog park + several days of rain + rain while at the dog park + dog who spends most of her time playing with other dogs being rolled and tumbled around = very dirty dog), and then I cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom, vacuumed and steam cleaned my living room carpet, threw away tons of trash, went grocery shopping, went to Target for a new coffee maker (complete with timer!) and rain boots, put away groceries, set up my brand new bright red Kitchen-Aid, ran the dishwasher, and did three loads of laundry, including the slipcover for our couch. AND I cooked and ate a healthy dinner for myself tonight.  The only conclusion that I can come to is that maybe Husband needs to go away more often, and that is not acceptable.  Hopefully I can keep this up, and it wasn’t just a fluke.  We shall see……


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