The best, quickest, yummiest soup ever

I was in the mood for soup. It is a cold, rainy day here in San Diego (sunny my ass) and I wanted rainy day food. So, I made yummy soup tonight. I steamed half a small head of broccoli in the microwave. I heated half a box of chicken stock in a saucepan. After the stock was hot I added leftover mashed potatoes. And the broccoli. And some shredded cheddar cheese. And then I blended it with my immersion blender. Then I decided it wasn’t thick enough so I put a potato in the microwave, cooked it, scooped out the insides, added them to the pot, blended some more, added salt and pepper to taste and then I ate it. I added some more cheese on the top and a little bit of sour cream and I ate it with a leftover biscuit, but it would have been good with crescent rolls.


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