Stink attack and IRS woes

You guys, my dog got sprayed by a skunk last night.  At 11:45. During our right before bed potty trip outside.  It was disasterous.  I went on to the trusty interwebs first thing of course, because I had no idea what to do for skunks.  The first thing that everyone said was ‘DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG INTO THE HOUSE!!!’.  Well, I had to.  I live in an apartment.  I don’t have a hose outside or any place to clean my dog other than my bathtub.  Which is all the way in the back with no windows and I have to track my smelly dog through my bedroom to get there.  The interwebs also said to make a concoction of Hydrogen Peroxide (which I was out of, of course) or white vinegar (I had cider?), baking soda and dish soap.  So I did that and I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed my poor puppy.  Her eyes hurt and she was trembling in the tub and so miserable and I had to be mean to her to get her in the tub and I felt absolutely awful.  AND it was cold in my house after that because I had to open windows and let my house air out but then I realized that the attack had happened just outside and I was probably getting more stank in my house by having the windows open than not. She doesn’t smell very bad any more, and the smell is almost out of my house, but every now and then I catch a wiff.  And it’s gross.

So that happened last night and I didn’t get hardly any sleep and I really wanted to veg but I thought that I would be responsible and do our taxes.  And then I got excited because we are getting a tidy little sum of money back.  We can do a lot with what we are getting back and I can go shopping.  Which is super exciting.  So I e-filed using Turbo Tax and then later this evening I got an e-mail saying that our return had been rejected because the birth date that I’d put in for my husband didn’t match the one the IRS had on file for him.  WTF? It worked last year.  How does his info change?  I’m so confused.  So now I have to wait till he gets home so he can sign it and then mail the forms in and he will probably have to go someplace and wait in line and get that changed which is annoying.  Instead of having our taxes done and being able to surprise him with the money when he gets home, I get to greet him with a mess.  Tax stuff stinks. But at least my dog doesn’t anymore.


One thought on “Stink attack and IRS woes

  1. rogueeclectic says:

    So, sorry, otter. What a terrible day. Did you find out where skunks don’t live? Yeah, I tried to change my residency and found out that I currently can’t prove to the MVA that I have been living and working in this state for 8 months. Our government is….special.

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