Of dogs and cookies

I started this morning with a walk at Fiesta Island with Ginger and my neighbor’s dog Bruschi. Fiesta Island is a man made, off-leash recreation area in the middle of Mission Bay. Ginger likes to go there to chase birds, dig for gophers, swim, and smell other dogs butts. I like getting some sunshine and exercise first thing in the morning. And Ginger and Bruschi had a great time.

Tonight for dinner I had some yummy leftover CPK. Afterwords, I cracked open a tin of cookies that I got the other day at Fresh and Easy. Check out the cool design on the back of this cookie! How cool is that! Its in chocolate! On a cookie! It was almost too pretty to eat, but I managed, and it tasted even better than it looked. Hooray! (Sorry, it was hard to get a picture close enough to see it without it being blurry. But it was cool. I promise.)

What’s your favorite way to start the morning?


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