Quick and easy pasta topper

So last night I got to hang with some new San Diego friends including the lovely Mary Grace  Hooray! We had dinner together and I am low on rations so I decided to raid my freezer and see what I could provide that would be delicious and also mostly healthy.  I found:

Frozen Spinach

A jar of pesto

Frozen ravioli

Goat Cheese

About 3/4 c of white wine that really needed to be used up

Nutella, but I decided that didn’t really go with the other things I found so I put it back. 😦

And I asked myself, ‘Self, what can I make from these ingredients that is delicious’.  And I responded, ‘I don’t know self, but I bet we can come up with something’.  While the water for the pasta was coming to a boil, I put about 2 C of frozen spinach in a saucepan and added about 1/2 C of water.  I covered it and heated it until the water was boiling and all the spinach was thawed.  I added the wine, chunked up the goat cheese and tossed that in, stirred in about 3 spoonfuls of pesto, and stirred till well combined.  After the pasta was done cooking,  I spooned the sauce over top and added some fresh grated parmesan cheese.   It was delicious.  And mostly healthy since there was a lot of spinach involved. (The ravioli was spinach and ricotta flavored).  And there you have it.  I’m sure it would also be delicious on top of spaghetti or linguini noodles, or you could make it into a cream sauce, or saute some onions first to go over it.  Let me know what you decide to do with it!


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