On rainy saturday mornings

I woke up to the sounds of rain falling on the broad leaves of the trumpet flower plant outside my window and a dog licking my face. Which does not bode well for the rest of the day. Ginger doesn’t like playing outside in the rain. But when she’s stuck inside the house all day, she starts bouncing off the walls. It’s not fun. We went for a walk, then came back inside whereupon she immediately started whining to go out and play. I’m short on rations right now, which includes coffee and components for any sort of decent breakfast. We went to the park and I stood in the rain playing ball with my puppy who kept stopping to shake her self off or stare malevolently up at the falling rain, and as a reward, I decided to take myself out to breakfast at one of my favorite San Diego Restaurants My day got much better after enjoying this for breakfast.

It’s a ‘California omelette’, with tomatoes, cheese, and bacon inside, served with a side of refried beans and topped with avocado.

Now, my dog is napping on my bed and I might go join her before I start doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen and vacuuming and all the other chores that need to be done and which I’ve been putting off all week.


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