A welcome sight, indeed

Growing up in the Northeast as I did, this is not the sort of thing one is accustomed to seeing at the end of February.

I imagine that if one has lived in Southern California all ones life, seeing sights such as these in the middle of winter are common occurrences. However, although it has been several years since I’ve lived in an area which does have winter, I was still struck by this sight outside of the local mall the other day. One of the things that I miss the most about the Northeast is the changing of the seasons and always having something to look forward to. I miss the sight of the first crocus or the buds on the trees, seeing the daffodils begin to come up and that sense that winter is almost over, spring is here. Like the world is coming to life again, and one cannot help but be filled with a sense of newness and wonder and and new beginnings. To me, the sight of that first crocus or the first flowers on a tree was more inspiring than the changing of the calender year. So while those around me continued on their business, I stopped for a moment and savored those cherry trees. Because that means spring is almost here.

photo credit: mine


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